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Inductive Sensors & Capacitive Sensors

Best-in-class quality and immunity to harsh industrial environments 
Regardless of the material you need to detect - without contacting it, Telemecanique Sensors has you covered with a full range of high quality and high performance inductive and capacitive sensors. For detecting metal objects up to 60mm, our range of inductive sensors feature the latest in high performance technology. For non-contact detection of any other type of material up to 20mm, our capacitive sensors match that same top level of performance.

A summary of these two best-in-class non-contact detection options appear below

Inductive proximity sensors - XS range

Our inductive proximity sensors (formerly known as OsiSense XS) are solely for the detection of metal objects up to 60mm. They basically comprise an oscillator whose windings constitute the sensing face. An alternating magnetic field is generated in front of these windings.

When a metal object is placed within the magnetic field generated by the sensor, the resulting currents induced form an additional load and the oscillations cease. This causes the output driver to operate and, depending on the sensor type, a normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) output signal is produced.

Our inductive sensors come in flush and non-flush versions (shielded / non-shielded), short and long body versions, PNP and NPN versions  to be compatible with all PLCs and controllers worldwide. 2 wires DC, AC, or AC/DC versions are also available to be installed in your application as a limit switch.


Capacitive proximity sensors - XT range

Our capacitive sensors (formerly known as OsiSense XT) are for non-contact sensing of any material up to 20mm, irrespective of material or conductivity (metals, minerals, wood, plastic, glass, cardboard, leather, ceramic, fluids, etc).

Capacitive proximity sensors sense detection targets due to that target's ability to be electrically charged. Capacitive sensors apply voltage to an area and detect objects by measuring the changes in an electrical property called capacitance, which is the ability of something to hold an electric charge. Since even non-conductors can hold charges, this means that just about any object can be detected with this type of sensor.


Offer Details

General purpose inductive sensors
One of the most comprehensive catalogues on the market with:

  • Standard cylindrical forms: M8, M12, M18, M30 short & long bodies
  • Standard cubic, rectangular and flat forms
  • Complying with international standards, CE, UL, CSA, CCC; RCM, TÜV
  • With a top international quality IP69K
  • With all electrical standards including AC/DC power supply
  • Available in standard and increased range

Applicative inductive and capacitive sensors

  • Cubic and rectangular 40x40 SIL2 with TÜV certifications for safer applications
  • Rotation control, Factor 1, ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination, etc.
  • Plastic case sensors for double insulation and chemical environment compliance
  • Miniature cylindrical format Plain 4 and 6.5mm or M5 for assembly applications, etc.
  • Full stainless steel and plastic for food & beverage applications
  • Cubic & full stainless steel cylindrical for Automotive including welding applications

Main applications

  • Railway
  • Mobile equipment
  • Lifts & Escalators
  • Hoisting
  • Material handling / Conveying / Logistics
  • Material working / Machine tools
  • Packaging
  • Food and Beverage
  • Robotics

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