Limit switches

Limit Switches

Boasting a rich history of limit switch innovation dating back to the early 1900s, we now carry the broadest line of mechanical limit switches available in the industry.

Whether your machine application calls for an IEC, NEMA, safety, wireless, or battery-less limit switch, Telemecanique Sensors unparalleled selection of mechanical limit switches and connector options make it easy to find the perfect solution for your machine design.  

Our limit switches come in standard, heavy duty, compact, miniature, safety, and application-specific models and our wireless and battery-less limit switches are revolutionizing the industry.

The wireless and battery-less limit switches have transformed an electronic signal previously traveling through a cable into internet data which can be easily documented and analyzed for maximum efficiency identification.

IEC Limit Switches. NEMA Limit Switches. Safety switches. Wireless switches. Battery-less switches. Switches that turn a signal into internet data which enables industrial efficiency analytics.

All from the innovative global leader in Limit Switch technology!

Simply easy!

Application-specific Limit Switches

Telemecanique Sensors Application-specific Limit Switches

Industrial application-specific limit switch models 
Unique applications demand unique limit switch solutions; and Telemecanique Sensors has been addressing unique machine applications all over the globe for the past 90 years.

This range of application-specific IEC limit switches with special formats (formerly known as OsiSense), are dedicated to specific applications such as hoisting, Mining, Minerals & Metals or belt conveying.

The whole range is designed for easy product selection, installation and maintenance.

Standard Limit Switches

Standard Limit Switches

As market leader, Telemecanique Sensors offers a comprehensive range of IEC limit switches (formerly known as OsiSense), with proven robustness and reliability for more than 90 years.

The whole range is designed for easy product selection, installation and maintenance..

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