Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors

For over 70 years, Telemecanique Sensors has been setting the standard for pressure switch innovation and reliability, with our Pumptrol brand clearly establishing itself as the #1 pressure switch in the industry. Using the same spirit that created the Pumptrol legacy, we have taken pressure control to the next level, integrating today’s advanced pressure control features into high performance sensors that are as reliable as they are easy-to-use. Installation and set-up are a snap and quickly put you in complete control of your machine pressure.

We offer all-in-one pressure solutions where the switch is included as part of the monitoring interface (our XMLR) and we have solutions which allow remote monitoring of pressure switches via a cable-connected display for when the pressure switch is hidden from view or inaccessible (our ZMLP monitor connected to our XMLP switch).

Reliable classics. Innovative modern solutions. All from one Pressure Sensor source!

Pressure Sensors and Switches

XM Pressure Sensors

Innovative, precision pressure measurement for multiple configurations
The line of XM Pressure Sensors and Switches (formerly known as OsiSense) combine the latest in pressure sensing technology with adaptability to virtually any configuration. Whether your pressure switch is positioned in a convenient, accessible location or in an area that is hidden from view, Telemecanique Sensors has a solution to help you easily monitor its activity.  

The XMLR from Telemecanique Sensors incorporates a monitoring interface as a part of the pressure switch for applications when the switch can be easily viewed. Our ZMLP monitor can be used to connect to our XMLP pressures switch when the switch is going to be hidden from view.

Ideal for pumping, hydraulic, HVAC, and machine tool applications, these pressure monitoring solutions are easy to set up and easy to maintain. Choose from 3 available options detailed below.

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