RFID Systems XG range from Telemecanique Sensors

RFID and Inductive Identification Systems

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) refers to radio frequency identification systems. These frequencies range between 50 kHz and 2.5 GHz. The most widely used is 13.56 MHz.

The RFID system makes it possible to perform traceability, object identification (tracking) and access control functions.

The information is stored in a memory that can be accessed using a simple radio frequency link. This memory is in the form of an electronic tag, which contains an antenna and an integrated circuit. The tag contains the information associated with the object to which it is fixed. When a tag enters the field generated by the reader/smart antenna, it detects the signal and exchanges the data (read or write) between its memory and the reader/ smart antenna.

The applications are numerous:

  • Logistics: Goods Out, Goods In, transit, etc.
  • Tracking and sorting of baggage
  • Traceability in the food processing industry
  • Flexible assembly lines in the automotive sector
  • Automatic toll booths
  • Access control, etc.

The RFID system is also suitable for use in difficult environments (humidity, temperature, mechanical shock, vibration, dust, etc.).

The XG range from Telemecanique Sensors offers a wide line of industrial Radio Frequency Identification systems from smart antennas with integrated controller, 13.56MHz electronic tags, Portable RFID terminal to Network connection boxes.

An environmentally friendly product line, with limited power consumption (< 60 mA per smart antenna) and full compliance with RoHS for materials used in the design of the products.

Smart antennas with integrated controller

  • Four formats: including the most compact industrial RFID station on the market (40 x 40 x 15 mm) and panel mounting models (22.5 mm holes)
  • Simple installation whatever the topology (star architecture or daisy-chain), even on Ethernet
  • Self-adapting to the environment, even on a metal support
  • Extended detection zone mainly for conveying applications, thanks to the field expander accessories.
  • Automatic detection of the protocol and speed of the network used
  • No software or specific programming required
  • Data organized in Words for easy access by standard Read/Write commands
  • Simplified setting of the network address using configuration badge or embedded web server
  • Easy Wiring based on M12 connectors

13.56MHz electronic tags

  • Complete range of high performance industrial tags
  • Fully open to and compatible with all ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 standard tags available on the market.

Portable RFID terminal

  • Direct reading/writing of electronic tags for setting-up and maintenance
  • Configurable user's pages for secured and easy access to data
  • Transfer of information to PC
  • Diagnostic and update of the smart antennas

Network connection boxes

  • For connecting smart antennas on industrial networks (Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, Profibus DP).

Simply Easy!

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