Quick Sensors Selection Guide


Effortlessly find the perfect sensor for your needs with our comprehensive PANORAMA brochure, featuring the latest detection technologies and formats.

Make your life easier with our latest sensor innovations! Our Panorama brochure is designed to help you effortlessly select the ideal product for your specific needs. This comprehensive guide provides an at-a-glance overview of our extensive sensor portfolio.

The guide offers a step-by-step process to select the perfect sensor, matching your application requirements. Scroll through the PDF to discover the new applicative offer from Telemecanique Sensors:

We offer five detection technologies: Black/white LED, Red/Green/Blue LED, Blue/Red Light LED, Luminescence LED, and Laser. Black/white sensors are used for detecting contrast, while Red/Green/Blue LED sensors enhance the detection of colored materials. A specific sensor using “Blue light” technology is dedicated to detecting dark materials. Our wide range of detection solutions ensures compliance with the productivity demands of your machinery, with speeds of up to 25,000 detections per second.

The new offerings come in three formats: cylindrical miniature, sub-miniature, and high IP protection models for versatile integration into various mechanical systems. The previous generation of General Purpose Photoelectric Sensors are also available within this Panorama, with both existing and new products easy to find.



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