Telemecanique Sensors Hazardous dust location switches and sensors

Hazardous dust location switches and sensors

Sensors certified for explosive dust atmospheres
Some machine applications create potentially explosive atmospheres, making reliable detection even more critical. According to the European Directive, an explosive dust atmosphere is created when the air is mixed with a flammable dust which, in the event of combustion, would spread throughout the particles in the air which were not initially ignited.

Potentially explosive dust can be produced for a specific purpose (manufacturing flour or sugar, ...), generated when processing of solid materials (sawdust from cutting wood, ...) or result from the abrasion of solid material during transport (producing cereals, ...). All companies where such manufacturing is processed will face a risk of explosion. 

Sensors with International Certification

The Telemecanique Sensors line of hazardous dust atmosphere sensors are compliant with the global international standard IECEx and the latest European ATEX directive. By choosing a Telemecanique Sensor product for your hazardous dust machine application, you are choosing a sensor that has been tested and certified to perform in a manner compliant with these prominent, established safety standards.

The Zone System

ATEX (defined by AT: atmosphere and EX: explosive), IECEx and NEC 506 all use the same protection concept called the Zone system. The Zone defines the probability of the hazardous material (dust) being present in sufficient quantities to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures.

Zone 20 - An area where combustible dusts or ignitable fibers are suspended in the air continuously or for long periods of time.

Zone 21 - An area where combustible dusts or ignitable fibers are likely to be suspended in the air under normal operating conditions.

Zone 22 - An area where combustible dusts or ignitable fibers are, under normal operating conditions, not likely to be suspended in the air and do so for only a short period of time.

Telemecanique Sensors is proud to offer various ranges of Sensors that are ATEX and IECEx certified for use in all Zone 21 or Zone 22 applications. These hazardous area certified products include robust limit switches, emergency stop cable pull switches, safety switches, pressure control sensors, and inductive proximity sensors.

When a hazardous atmosphere environment is a part of your machine application, don’t take chances:

Trust the Global Sensor experts with products specifically certified for hazardous dust locations!


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