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Limit switches

Limit Switches

Inductive and Capacitive proximity sensors from Telemecanique Sensors

Inductive Sensors & Capacitive Sensors

Photoelectric sensors

Photoelectric Sensors

Standard and long distance Ultrasonic Sensors available in diffuse, reflex, and thru-beam modes.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors

Safety sensors & switches

Safety sensors & switches

RFID Systems XG range from Telemecanique Sensors

RFID and Inductive Identification Systems

XIOT Cloud Connected Sensor from Telemecanique Sensors

Cloud Connected Sensor

Telemecanique Sensors Hazardous dust location switches and sensors

Hazardous dust location switches and sensors

Machine cabling accessories including cordsets, connectors and connection boxes from Telemecanique Sensors

Cordsets and connectors

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